Social Programme

The social evening is sold out.

Date: January 30, 2020
Time: 19:30-22:30
Place: Werich Villa
Address: U Sovových mlýnů 501/7, Prague
Ticket price: 500 CZK for registered participants, 1000 CZK for unregistered participants
Due to limited capacity registration will be required for the evening. The registration will be available soon. The evening is not included in the registration fee.

Few Prague buildings are enshrouded in such a mysterious history and conceal the fates of so many important personalities who have one thing in common: words.
In the past it was the witness to many visits, celebrations and friendly gatherings and our goal and wish is for life and a uplifting atmosphere to once again return to its walls. Come and see for yourself how we have done. We believe that the moments spent in the villa will be inspirational for every visitor. And it is up to each visitor if they are drawn more toward the legacy of the Liberated Theatre and its main actors, the reminder of the unforgettable front pieces that have now come back into fashion, or the quiet, concentrated moments with the verse of the poet Vladimír Holan, or if they would prefer a theatre presentation or an evening of dance or listening to Ježek’s immortal songs.
The Werich Villa, previously also known as the Dobrovský house or Engel tannery, has more than 450 years of history and is closely connected with the history of Kampa Island, used since time immemorial by craftsmen who needed water to perform their activities: millers, tanners, gardeners and potters (the pottery markets on Kampa lasted up until the 20th century). Later, the aristocratic gardens were first built, then a public park, and the island also began being used as a popular place for relaxation.
More information about the history of Werich Villa is available here.


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