30–31 January 2020





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PED 2020  in numbers

8 main guests

17 members of national faculty

264 participants (doctors + nurses + VIP guests + industry) 
63 % woman (167 woman) 

Participants came from 9 countries

The Conference is held
in cooperation with
Women in endoscopy (WIE)

Welcome Address

The first live broadcast of an endoscopy took place in the former Czechoslovakia, in Prague, in 1993 as an official course of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE). The event was very successful with more than 600 participants and experts of the highest category  – the current and subsequent ESGE presidents  Michel Cremer, Jose Armengol-Miro, Friedrich Hagenmueller and Horst Neuhaus – in attendance. Extraordinary was the significant, active participation of domestic endoscopists, whose performance, including the presentation of a prototype of a domestic extracorporeal lithotripsy, garnered a great response and became the springboard for membership in the ESGE Committee after several generations. Building on this event were broadcasts of endoscopic methods at IKEM (the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine), which first took place in 1996, again with Horst Neuhaus in attendance. He was later followed by other endoscopic celebrities, such as  Guido Costamagna, Jacques Devier, Marc Giovannini, Michael Bourke,  Thomas Rosch, Haruhiro Inoue and Nagy Reddy, to name but a few. For many years, this event was the only live broadcast of endoscopic methods in this country (this year will be the 20th consecutive year of the  IKEM Endoscopy Day). A few years ago, the strapline “Prague Endoscopy Day” was added to emphasise the cooperation of other important endoscopic centres in Prague, with several other facilities also beginning to organise broadcasts.

For next year, we have decided to change the format of this traditional event to a two-day international workshop that will include not only live broadcasts of endoscopies performed by both international guests and local endoscopists, but also hands-on courses, lectures and discussions on various endoscopy-related topics. The event will also be open to participants from abroad, and its format will require broadcasts to the hotel congress centre and a change of name to one that is universally comprehensible to allow the event to be promoted internationally.     

The first annual "Prague Endoscopy Days" will take place on 30-31 January 2020 at the Corinthia Hotel in Prague. The workshop will carry the strapline "Women in Endoscopy" with the aim of discussing the specific problems of women in digestive and especially interventional endoscopy. It is logical that the main foreign guests will be women – the elite of global and European endoscopy.  Let us admit that women have faced and are continuing to face obstacles in establishing themselves in the academic community generally and in specialised gastroenterology – endoscopy especially, and the full equalisation of opportunities is a necessity and priority. Here it is appropriate to name, at least symbolically, those who have managed to accomplish this in the past. Sheila Sherlock was the only respected international female leader in the field of hepatology – gastroenterology in the 1970s through the 1990s. In the Czech Republic, Prof. Marie  Pešková, the brilliant cancer surgeon and Head of the 1st Surgical Clinic of the General University Hospital in Prague, was an extraordinary phenomenon. Jarmila Zuvačová, who later became Head Physician at the Děčín District Hospital, performed endoscopies in the 1970s alongside one of the founders of Czech endoscopy, Dr.  Bitter. The author of this text had the honour of learning the basics of endoscopy from Hana Dvořáková and Alena Huslarová from the legendary Internal Clinic of the Outpatient Clinic of the General University Hospital in Prague, who later deservedly became honourable members of the Czech Society of Gastroenterology. The multitude of today’s female endoscopists has a solid foundation to build on. We will be informing you soon via this website about the female experts we have invited. A detailed programme will also be provided along with other important information.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Prague
Organizing Committee
Prof. Julius Špičák, MD, DCSc.
Assoc. Prof. Jan Martínek, MD, Ph.D. AGAF


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