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The Hands-on trainings will be held in English.

Friday 23 February 2024


There are three slots available for each course (14:00–14:50, 15:00–15:50, 16:00–16:50).

To attend Hands-on trainings is conditional on physical participation at Prague Endoscopy Days 2024.

Payment for the hands-on course within 14 days after issuing the invoice is obligatory. The reserved spot will be released to another participant if we do not receive payment in time. Only one payment reminder will be sent.

It will be possible to register for Hands-on courses via the registration form.

1. Lumen aposing stent (Hot Axios)

Tutors: K. Binmoeller, R. Husťák, O. Urban

Intended for doctors – advanced endoscopists with experience in endosonography who routinely perform FNB (fine needle biopsy) and have not yet performed or have only limited experience with the use of lumen apposition stents.

2. Over the Scope Clip, Full Thickness Resection Device, Stentfix device (Ovesco)

Tutors: M. Kahaleh, Š. Suchánek

Intended for doctors – advanced endoscopists with experience in endoscopic resection techniques and in endoscopic hemostasis who have no or only limited experience with the use of the full thickness resection device, the OVESCO clip or the Stentfix device.

3. Endoscopic suture (Apollo system + X-Tack)

Tutors: M. Khashab, C. C. Thompson

It is intended for advanced endoscopists who realistically plan to use endoscopic sutures in various indications, including bariatrics. Participants do not need to have any experience with the Apollo suturing device.

4. ERCP for doctors & nurses

Tutors: S. Rejchrt, M. Tantau, F. Závada

This is intended for doctors who are planning to start or have started and have not yet finished training in the ERCP method.

5. Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection

Tutors: E. Despott, J. Hajer, B. Pekárek

It is intended for advanced endoscopists who have already started training in endoscopic submucosal dissection. It is not suitable for endoscopists who have not yet performed the ESD at all.

6. Clipping, hemostasis

Tutors: D. Kohoutová, J. Král, B. Kunčák, L. Kunovský

It is intended for beginners or less experienced endoscopists.

7. Functional examination of the esophagus (high resolution manometry, pH-metry)

Tutors: M. Ďuriček, K. Hugová, L. Zdrhová

Aimed primarily on junior doctors who already carry out (or plan to do so) the examination and treatment of patients with upper GIT disorders. The training teaches the technique and procedural requirements of both types of examination (high-resolution esophageal manometry and impedance-pH monitoring) together with the analysis of measured data.


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