IKEM Hospital

For over 45 years, the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine has provided healthcare services at the highest level. The Institute’s main objective lies in continuous improvement of healthcare for patients, refining medical procedures and applying the latest scientific knowledge in our work.

Over the time of its existence, IKEM has become one of the largest specialized clinical and scientific research centres in the Czech Republic, focusing on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, organ transplants, diabetology, and treatment of metabolic disorders.

Over 300 physicians and some 600 nurses care for patients at our three specialized centres. A total of 315 beds are available, of which 111 beds are located in intensive care units.

Hepatogastroenterology Department

In the field of clinical medicine, the Hepatogastroenterology Department (HD) is focused primarily on providing hepatology and gastroenterology facilities for the liver transplantation programme (selection of patients, their examinations, follow-up, treatment of patients included in the waiting list for liver transplantation, treatment of some complications after transplantation).

The department provides superconsulting services for other gastroenterological and hepatological indications. The department develops a system of long-term follow-up of patients (patients of the transplantation programme as well as patients with other chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver).

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